SKU: CND-096-003-03

Botanical Geranium Candle


A slow-burning natural wax candle with a unisex fragrance of bergamot, geranium bourbon, rose geranium, pink peppercorn and cedar. 

Our fragrance expert says: "Refreshing and peppery, geranium has been used for centuries to restore emotional balance. The scent of fresh flowers and leaves of geranium promotes happiness and memories of summer. Ideal for the bathroom or as hallway welcome."

Scent notes: geranium, mint, sandalwood. For best results, trim wicks to 4mm before lighting and burn until the wax pool covers the entire surface to ensure candle burns evenly.

All our scented botanical candles use natural cotton wicks, re-useable glass containers and natural wax; free from paraffin and GM-derived waxes. 

52hr Burn Time

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